We support sit-at-home civil disobedience tool that is strategic in getting Biafra restoration on a speedy track and getting MNK released.

However, we don’t support sit-at-home that brings nothing useful to the struggle.

Importantly, folks at DOS have not claimed issuing this alleged civil disobedience sit-at-home order from November 4th to November 11th.

Now hear these important facts and the reasons why this threatening sit-at-home position is like fetching water with a basket.

1) MNK is not going to be released before his next Court hearing and DOS is rightfully aware. So why take a position that makes no reasonable sense?

2) Keeping the busy-bee Ndilgbo/ Biafrans at home for these 6 days without any positive gains will amount to an exercise in futility, grossly embedded with poor DOS judgement.

3) If the so-called DOS alleged sit-at-home announcement also meant to scuttle Anambra State gubernatorial election, it simply played into the hands of Buhari and his Fulani caliphate men. Without any doubt, and DOS is aware of this fact, whether there is sit-at-home or not, someone will be declared winner.

Tufiakwa!!! Handing Anambra State over to Andy Ubah of APC will be too dangerous for Anambra State and entire Alaigbo. The state will be heavily militarized more than what we see occuring in Imo State.

4) Furthermore, whether there is sit-at-home or not as alleged, a significant number of the Anambra people will come out to vote November 6th. By coming out to cast their ballots, this will erode the authority and credibility of DOS which is suffering already.

5) When an authority issues directive such as sit-at-home for 6 days straight, they ought to provide resources to cushion or ameliorate the daily impacts on their target population.

Moreover, we are trying to make sense of what is so unreasonable in many perspectives. In summary, we make the following postulation/assertion.

A) Sit-at-home on MNK Court Hearing days is important to be observed. We observe them here.

B) Sit-at-home on May 30th as Biafrans Day, is highly important. We observe them here in the USA.

C) Sit-at-home on Mondays volunteerily is understandable until he is released. DOS cancelled it but many people still observe it. This is the people’s decision.

Therefore, issuing sit-at-home order that is not going to result in advancing Biafra restoration, and that wouldn’t be respected and obeyed by majority of Biafrans is counter productive to the DOS leadership’s visions and missions.

By United States of Biafra.


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