This is morning ,I met some labourers at Ogbo olu ,awka . I wanted to know who they would support in the coming Gubernatorial Election .The leader of the group mentioned a particular candidate . He told me emphatically that the man has the support of all of them .I asked why? The poor labourer told me that the man cares for the common man .

How ? Was my further interrogation. He explained how the man came to ogbo olu at gbarimgba,awka close to eke awka market to organise all the daily paid labourers and gave each of them N10,000 . This action really touched me ! This is local sense to empower people that matters instead of waiting till the election day to share N2000 . This kind gesture will achieve multipliers effect ! These Labourers have became field marshals and commanders for the Gubernatorial Candidate. They may not understand the economic jargon of building public institutions,initiating public policies to address our macro economic problems.

However ,that is the way of our african politicians ! Why sharing money now! These labourers have been existing in the last 4 years ! Why not develop a plan to empower such people for a long time! It is very easy to win the support and love of the ordinary people.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu


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