Prof  Soludo arriving at the venue of APGA primary election in Awka, capital of Anambra state!!!

Delegates ready to begin accreditations!!!

…Join the SOLUDO MOVING TRAIN for a greater Anambra!!!!

It’s SOLUDO all the Way!!!!

Full story coming…!!!

Christian Aburime

INEC at APGA primary election venue in awka


To all APGA delegates, the entire world , Black Africa, Ndigbo both home and abroad, and especially Ndi Anambra congratulate you all for the privilege and opportunity to be part of history today in confirmation of the divine commission of transformation of our past chequred era into the renaissance of hope, genuine love, humanity equity, justice, practical egalitarianism and human capital development of mankind society and environment beginning with Anambra State through the universally expected and aspired nomination of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo to fly the flag of APGA in the oncoming November 2021 governorship election.

Congratulations for the singular privilege and no our for being part of the historic political milestone today’s APGA primaries portend in the annals of profound peaceful , silent and most impactful political statement and switch over to politics for the good and general well being of all as epitomized in Prof Cee Cee Soludo versus Black Africa’s and most especially, Nigeria ‘s pervasive politics of greed, selfishness and imponderable wickedness of the highest order.


Senator Victor Umeh with APGA Gubernatorial Aspirants

APGA delegates today need not be reminded of what the unversal expectation is, for when in our political has the entire population of Ndi Anambra rise up and voluntarily decided in themselves to incentivize the emergence and all the dynamics for the actualization of the election of their genuine leading leader they truly trust that has work and mission to do in Government house Agu Awka as is with the unprecedented case of Prof Cee Cee Soludo.

Infact, Prof Cee Cee Soludo political phenomenon and movement this time around is globally been monitored and calibrated for what it rightly but pleasantly qualify to be Guinness book of records in the rare category of political populism.

APGA delegates , please please,don’t let Igbo nation, black Africa and Ndi Anambra down. Waste no vote at all even if our political wolves offer you the world or normal peanuts. With Prof Cee Cee Soludo, every Onye Anambra will be able to live out his or her life dreams.

God bless you all mightily and abundantly as you step in to make history by letting us have ODENIGBO Agluata as our flag bearer today.

Christian Aburime


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