• The Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria, MOBIN has watched the interesting unfoldments surrounding the coming Anambra governorship elections and has decided it will not fold its hands as our people are once again deceived into being disenfranchised and ending up the biggest losers.
    MOBIN is gravely concerned about the growing calls for boycott of elections come November 18, in an election that will determine who controls the affairs of ndi Anambra for another four years. MOBIN in this context wonders why our brothers, especially the ones living outside the country would sit out there, without recourse to the realities against Biafrans on ground, and decide that election will not hold in Anambra to decide the next governor.
    Invariably, what they are saying is that, it’s just fine to elect a governor who will begin another onslaught against our people, and we will not have the power to speak out against it. What they are saying is that they are fine as the occupational forces of Nigeria continue to mow down on Biafrans and hold our people by the jugular.
    What they are saying is that our voices for freedom within Biafraland will forever be silenced because the boycott can only throw up a governor who doesn’t give a hoot about Biafrans. What they are saying is that Biafrans should not vote for a candidate who loves Biafrans, and would protect our interests in these trying times. Invariably, the voice of freedom at home which is gradually being gagged by Nigeria should die. God forbid.
    MOBIN says no! We will not boycott elections again because it is boycott that have reduced the welfare of the Biafrans within Nigeria to nothing as it stands. BiafransĀ  will stand up and fight against the injustices against it, using extant laws of the oppressors. We will tow the path of civil disobedience only when it is absolutely necessary. We can only begin our revolution when we have elected Biafrans into power. We can only elect Biafrans into power by participating in the polls.
    By this, MOBIN calls on all Biafrans especially those in Anambra to ignore the voices urging them not to be part of the elections. Go out there and vote. Let’s stop selling our birthrights.
    Rita Eberechukwu Anigbogu,
    Director General,



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