Anambra Compendium: Unveiling of A Stolen Project

One of the major activities lined up to celebrate Nigeria’s 58th Independence Anniversary in Anambra State today is the unveiling of Anambra Compendium billed for 12noon today at Oma Event Centre, Awka.
Expectedly, the Who Is Who, the timber and calibre in the state will be in an attendance at the event that would be hosted by His Excellency, Chief Willie Obi, the Executive Governor of the state.
The authors and all the hands that put the event together by now would be feeling good with themselves for being such creative wizards to have come up with such brilliant idea.
But what they would however not let their guests know is that *what they are unveiling cum celebrating is a stolen project*. Yes, I make bold to say that these intellectual property thieves who should rather than be celebrated should hide their thieving heads in shame for stealing my company’s (Ok Bones Nigeria Limited), proposal which I sent to Governor Obiano as a nominee as well as seek his support and partnership to drive the project.
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In 2014 my company in partnership with Chief Uwazurike led Aka Ikenga initiated a project tagged Giants of Alaigbo to celebrate 100 Igbos best. The project was conceived in a manner that there would be an award, a launch of a ‘compendium’ of these illustrious Igbo’s who have distinguished themselves in various fields of endeavour. With the support and wise councel of Aka Ikenga a list was drawn and proposals sent to over 150 sons and daughters of Ala Igbo most of whom will be in attendance today including the governor himself. Given the notoriety and penchant for some of the officers in Governor Obianos government to steal ideas presented by individuals as proposals to the government I had no iota of doubt when about last two years the state government honoured 100 Ndi Anambra. I knew that part of my project had been stolen. I refreshed the project and again in 2017 and early this year I sent the proposal to the governor.
Unlike the first time when he didn’t consider us worthy of a reply he wrote to say he was not interested. I then begin to wonder if His Excellency is not interested in supporting the original owners of an idea, why on earth would he endorse stealing?
Because workers were on strike I wrote the governor and copied his deputy, Dr.Nkem Okeke through their emails and expressed my sadness over the development and explained reason the event should be cancelled.
I also followed up with text messages. But as always I was ignored.
It is an open secret that these ideas thieves abound in Governor Obianos government.
Many have experienced their bitter pills. Because they are brainless, clueless and daft, all they do is sort through proposals that come to the governors table, and plagiarize the one that is sellable and present to the governor as their original ideas and then smile to the bank ever after. It has become so notorious that even amongst his staff it has become a butt of jokes how they steal ideas and when confronted they will give reasons that they conceived the ideas in their mother’s womb.
But this act of criminality must stop. Monkey cannot keep working for the baboo. The bush is there for all animals to kill game. If baboo must chop let baboo think.
While wishing Nigeria happy 58 independent anniversary I wish to let the whole world know that *what is happening in Anambra State today, The Unveiling of Anambra Compendium, is an endorsement of brazen stealing of my intellectual property*.


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