I don’t know what to call it, political smartness or political 419? Whatever name it is called, Anambra politicians duped APC Governorship candidate in Anambra State – Sen Andy Ubah . That serves him right, he was desperate. He bragged that he has tentative budget of #11b for his campaign which circumstance may cause him to review to #25b.

He first announced that any elected official that will decamp to his party will get #50m and no one paid attention and he upped it to #100m. The offer became attractive. Any man with #100m of his own is a made man. Some politicians especially members of Anambra State House of Assembly consulted with the Governor and he advised them to play along with the money misroad, after all it could be Anambra South constituency project he diverted for 8 years that is at work. They were given the responsibility to checkmate Senator Andy Ubah especially as it concerns rigging. They decamped in drove. Their BODY howbeit temporarily is in APC while their soul is in APGA.

We are aware that Andy Ubah can never win a free and fair election in Anambra State. He stole Dr Ernest Ndukwe’s mandate to be at the Senate. Even at the Red Chambers, while others were lobbing for Chairmanship of Committees that will help them serve their constituents well, he lobbied for the position of Chairman of Senate Committee on INEC, so that he will continue to use his position to influence INEC to rig election for him.

The Governor of Anambra State H E Willie Obiano is Nigeria most underrated politician. He knows what to do at every point in time. When one door closes, he creates and opens another.  He set up Andy Ubah with some so called APGA decampees and it worked like miracle.

Andy Ubah is a liar of class order, he lies for fun. He supervised the kidnap of Dr Chris Ngige in 2004 and claimed that he was the person that called the IG to reinstate former Gov Ngige as Governor after his kidnap. Just as he claimed that he made Soludo the Governor of the Central Bank as if he is President Obasanjo, he also claimed that the famous 21 over 21 of Willie Obiano’s second term victory of 2017 was his making. That is because APC did not give him ticket in 2017, he used federal might to make 21 over 21 possible… asị asị.

He has never won any election fair and square in Anambra State. He has never come clean and straight in anything. And he met a man in Soludo that gave him a mouthful in Anambra Governorship election debate. He met a prepared Soludo who was ready for him and used the same cup Andy used for others to measure for him. Soludo in his usual eloquent manner told him that there is violence and killing everywhere in Anambra because he (Andy) is in the race. It was not different from what Governor Obianọ said about politicians sponsoring bandits to create fear in the minds of the people.

Even as result of the election are turned in, Andy through his media Aids are claiming victory in an election he was distant third position. I may not have written this if Sen Ubah had conceeded defeat having received the results from his party local government agents throughout the state.

Anambra people know him. Dr Ngige said that it is a trust issue, that Andy is not marketable. Peter Obi said in a close circle that he even prefers Soludo to Andy Ubah, because Anambra money can not carry Sen Andy Ubah’s extravagant and squandermania lifestyle. That Sen Ubah has never entered commercial flight since 2003. It is always a chartered flight anywhere he goes.

I have to duff my hart for Anambra politicians, they ‘know wetin dey’. If you deserve respect, they give you. If you deserve ‘ chandum, egwugị ezigbote chandum’. Anambra politicians egwugo Andy Ubah wayo.

_It’s me Val Iwuchukwu drinking fresh palm wine inside inside Nza Ozubulu in celebration._


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