Religion is a private business, but when infiltrated into the public space in any form kills, it divides and separates peoples in perpetuity, has led to almost everlasting wars in many societies as it may in Nigeria, it drowns wise opinions and creativity, creates enmities, anathematizations and contempts between brothers and sisters, and makes people willing tools in service to alien interests – all in the purported name of a God seated elsewhere and looking down at the stupidity of poor mortal man!

The Yoruba have conquered these divisive evils of religionism from top down to the family level, the Fulani did so, and after centuries of meaningless denominational and other religious wars the Europeans earlier did by entrenching the SECULAR STATE!

All these wise nations make religions and denominations serve their peoples, and the Igbo nation should not be different by making it the other way round, in belief that there is wisdom in suicide. The Caliphate islamism being sustained and promoted in Nigeria as an instrument of foreign-coalesced pan-Fulani domestic imperialism cannot be defeated and the people set free except by a de facto, not merely de jure secular state, which only a republican-minded people can promote.

The Igbo are at least one of the best known of such people. Such a modern democratic secular state is the only thing that can save the Igbo from extinction wherever they are in the world, for it is the universal principle that other nations understand and will easily support.

Anambra state, the very place that Christianity was first planted on Igbo soil should lead in this Revolution; otherwise, the various denominations should continue going “stealthily” and separately to the Caliphate to plead their candidates being the preferred stooge as “President of Nigeria”.

No one should pretend that people do not know the role that “Christians” alias Men of God played in producing our present predicament. No Anambrarian directly or indirectly promoted to serve any religious or denominational cause, or whose strength emanates from his worship instead of his manifesto, is qualified to be elected Governor. Ditto other states. This is the answer or one of the answers to the “help” that the distinguished Attorney@Law is requesting from other Igbo peoples/observers over Anambra politics, and this I believe other civilized peoples would have nothing against.


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