PRM is for Public interest, not for any Personal interest. If you desire positive change for all the people, PRM is for you .But if you desire good things for only you and family members, then find your way because you are part of the problems in our society. If you are looking for where they share money biko biko stay very far from PRM.

If you are willing to make  sacrifice to guarantee good governance in Anambra state, trust PRM. If you love money so much to sell your vote (conscience, right and power) on election day, PRM is your enemy but if you condemn vote buying and selling and will reject selling yours or working for a candidate to buy other people’s vote on or before election day, PRM is your best friend.

My people, let’s tell ourselves the truth. We are our problem. If we change our ways and do things rightly, everything will be okay. Our attitudes towards election are wrong and that had made our elections uninteresting which translates to bad governance.

PRM is working hard to educate, sensitize and mobilize our people in Alaigbo to be ready to take back power, because POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE. Join us now to fix our politics. If we keep quiet, the status quo will remain and posterity will never be happy with us. All your personal gain, efforts and stupendous wealth you may leave behind will never give your children and their children freedom to excel or to fulfil their purposes on earth.

Just think about it.
PRM is a new arrival to change the way we play politics and build a 21 century Cities that will be the envy of all.PRM stands for people restoration mission ,it is a political movement registered with corporate affair commission.


Comrade Chibuzor Chukwuemeka

Anambra Coordinator



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