I have often dreamed of when the bruised, battered and butchered people of Nigeria would get a chance to forever retire these bunch of kindless, mindless, Callous and castrated kleptomaniacs that have raped and ravaged the country since 1999!. Then suddenly (perhaps, by a divine master stroke), one Peter, who has no other Obi (except a virtuous, valuable. Visible and verifiable INTEGRITY & SERVICE-ANTECEDENT) burst forth like a Comet! Suddenly the Personality became a Phenomenon! Nigerians now have a golden opportunity to use the Labour Party to launch another END-SAS (End Suffering And Smiling). With the ATIKUNUBU-ing of our political space by APC & PDP, Nigerians (the teeming youth population) need arise like a hurricane and sunami-cally sweep these recycled oldies into the political Bermuda Triangle! They are the reason why Nigeria is not just a ‘failed’ but actually a ‘failure’ state as such! They account for why Nigeria, inspite of enormous endowments, is ‘the poverty capital of the world’! They have made the world mock, jeer and gaze in shock at us as though we are a jig-saw puzzle of some sort! Peter the Rock must be used to break this hypnosis on us. Religion and ethnicism must now take the back seat. Nigerians want someone who would not steal them dry. They want somebody who would not use something called Firstladyism to distract them. They want someone who would not be interested in owning oil wells, lands and houses and bank accounts abroad! They don’t want people with hedonistic and acquisitive mindset. They want someone whose political record is clean, clear and clarifiable. They need someone who would create wealth. Invest in the future and restore the glory of a collapsed giant. They don’t want a religious fanatic or bigot. They don’t want a spendthrift. They want a Mr. Fix It, a problem-solver! They don’t want someone who would be interested in owning 2 wrist-watches at the same time. When one would be at home – keeping time for no one! They want someone who is simple. Straight and strong! Anyone who is angry at the condition of Nigeria and wants it fixed knows that PETER OBI has the pedegry to do the needful for this country. The above, for anyone that knows him, is the personality of Peter! In 2023, let us re-enact June 12, 1993. Let us make a statement that God and humanity would be happy about! The season for poaching and buying of delegates, even with dollars, is now over. It is now time for reality! Let us teach these politicians that we are not robots. Let us remind them what Bob Marley sang many decades ago: ”you fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time. Now you’ve seen the light, you gonna stand up for your right”! We’re all labourers! So let’s labour to vote Peter-the-Rock into Aso Rock! It is not just about the Labour Party, the container! It is about the political purity and integrity of the content-Peter. It’s all about the fact that we shall all party if we labour – from the army of restless and hoodwinked Northern youths to the butchered Middle Belt, from the betrayed and battered Igbo youth to the economically-ravaged and starved Niger-Deltan, and of course the regularly boisterous Yoruba youth,etc. We all, at different times and in various ways, have borne the brunt of a country and her promised change and then changed the promise! Let us end this SAS. the *PVC* IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE AK-47. They have always believed that we can not do it. Let us show them that we can! And indeed, we will! For were there is a *WILL* then there is a *WAY*. It is no longer about the party it is about the person. for many political parties in Nigeria are at best CLUBS and it worst secret cults! the revolution is on


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