There is no doubt that the only political party that has got no intra conflicts and infused incoherence is APGA. While other political parties were daggers swagging , welding brimstones and swords during the period leading to their guber primaries, APGA simply locked her doors, had a hearty meeting and came up with someone she believes in

The choice was unopposed. No body else procured her nomination forms as the party ensured that the most credible must get the reserved ticket. This is the arrangement that threw up Mr Anthony Ejiogu! He quietly picked the ticket and picked up the support of the teeming party population. Not a single member had a different thought. The support was undivided. The expectation is also high.

Tony Ejiogu represents the best in the venerated stable of the party that has held out as the soul of Ndigbo. APGA in Imo State has not been as lucky as she is at the moment. The 2011 swand that led to the emergence of the Richest man in Imo State keeps hunting the party. Again, the tossy deals that saw the guber ticket tucked into the breast pocket of the strong man of Isiebu, Mbano, dealt a big blow to the image of the party. And with these two backtaking deals that came in quick succession, the party vowed to stand taller in the mistakes made

When in the month of May 2023, the leadership of the party prayed and literally asked Tony Ejiogu to fly her flag in the coming Guber elections in Imo State, she has in mind, the need to “rebuild the walls ” of APGA. What was on the lips of every party man was: “APGA must get it right this time around ”

The party wanted someone who is capable of winning the elections. Tony, the 49 year old technocrat from Emekuku, has what his rivals lack. APGA studied the political climate of the state and decided to present a candidate whose life, character, background, exposure, experience and vision are not only antithetical to the norm, provisions and convention of the prevailing politics , but also a pointer to the need to replace the smearing old ways with a working formular

Tony, the APGA candidate doesn’t fit into the mold of the conventional politician. He doesn’t see himself as a politician in the strictest use of the word. He believes fully in his ability to contribute towards the redemption project in the state. He doesn’t have the money to play around with and he doesn’t have the luxury of the support base of strong and entrenched political allies. He hasn’t been long in the domain of the states political memories and as such, would easily pass as a relatively unknown face in Imo State

APGA as a party needed to prove a score. The party’s ticket wasn’t earmarked for a money bag. Again, the party wasn’t looking for a big man who would run the elections and perhaps run away with the party’s flag. APGA needed to address the old minuses and this led to the ultimate search and the eventual discovery of a young man, who is not part of the state’s problem, and who, would lead in the solutions

The choice of Tony , is the choice of APGA..The party feels fulfilled that she has finally yielded to the desires of Ndiimo by producing a sound candidate. The party is proud of Tony and feels excited with the numerous endorsements and wude-ranging acceptance he receives across the state. I am sure, Hon John Iwualla led State exco would be heaving a sigh of relief with the emergence of Mr Ejiogu. The rank and file of the party have got a bigger task in the weeks and couple of months ahead. And we are witnessing lateral expressions of love, solidarity and classy support of the party for her beloved candidate.

While other political parties are in the court to determine the legality of various primaries they conducted and the status of various claimants, APGA is already building up massive support for her consensus candidate

2023 is the best deal for APGA – IMO”.


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