The convenient banking services we all enjoy today couldn’t have been possible if not for the uncommon loyalty of Cee Cee Soludo to his country and people. The fact that we print our currencies locally wouldn’t have been possible if not for his care, love and allegiance to his people and country.

As a corollary, Anambra State APGA faithfuls are poised to pick Cee Cee Soludo as their flag bearer for governorship election in Anambra on November 6, 2021 because of his fidelity to the party and the state. Loyalty, care and allegiance are not things we just talk about. They are things we demonstrate through tough and rough personal actions in opportunities which God gifts us to make our society better.

Of course, considering our operating environment, a less loyal person in Soludo’s shoes would have torpedoed the blissful banking services we enjoy for lucre. Yes for lucre, because operators who were benefitting from the system did everything possible to stop the change. Soludo stayed the course for us. And here we are today.

Likewise, APGA is like a second skin to Soludo and there is no doubt he will strive to improve its electoral victories as well as the welfare and well being of its members. When he said he will form a cooperative society for members, he means just that.

This character trait has trailed his private and public life trajectory: loyalty to family, community, country, the world and to causes he believes in, plus audacious searches for Solutions that ultimately enthrone happiness to the greater majority.

Since joining APGA, Soludo has consistently worked for the best interests of the party and Anambra State. The record of electoral victories in his local government and ward has spiralled since his entry. He is not just a member of the Board of Trustees (BOT), he has been entrusted with the headship of a committee that is currently defining the pathways of Anambra’s future particularly with regard to its safety, prosperity and happiness in the next 50 years. His commitment to these undertakings is unparalleled, which hugely demonstrate his loyalty and allegiance to making the state better than it is today.

Over time, Ndi Anambra and APGA faithfuls have noticed these sterling qualities and are clamouring for his leadership after the tenure of Governor Willie Obiano. He has become a political hurricane of sorts, blowing across the nooks and corners of the state.

Now, with the Party’s guidelines and timetable out for the primaries, there is no doubt that Soludo will be rewarded for his loyalty by coming out victorious in the primaries that is primed to be hotly contested, free, fair and credible. He is the face for the victory of the party in the November 6, 2021 governorship election on the solid foundation which Obiano has built. He is the choice of the party and the choice of the people of Anambra for the berth of the most livable, prosperous, safest and happiest Smart Megacity in Africa that will be developed holistically.

Truly, Solution brings happiness and delegates of Solution are poised to make it happen.


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