With pains in my heart borne out of sincere love for the Biafrans whose lives are being wasted in the pursuit of the Biafran Independence, I wish to give my last warning to the followers of Nnamdi Kanu on their campaign of “No Election” in Anambra State and the rest of Biafraland. It is no secret that Nnamdi Kanu and I do not agree on the best strategies of achieving the Biafran Independence. Yes, it is true that he came from MASSOB and joined us and became one of us before he was ostracised in 2014 by the

Supreme Council of Elders of Indigenous People of Biafra for various offences.


In my previous writings I had revealed how I created and formed the body known as INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA under Section 40 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 and filed the case between Biafra and Nigeria in Suit No FHC/OW/CS/102/2012 later reconstituted as Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013 in the Federal High Court Owerri. You can read more about Indigenous People of Biafra in my book published in 2012 titled “Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want” which you can find on the internet on Amazon. I give this warning in my capacity as a Minister of God, Bishop of Christ The Rock Community, with the pure motive of seeking to save the lives of the youths under Nnamdi Kanu who have entered into a covenant of death sealed with oath and activated by the Prince of the Power of the Air by which they are enticed to chant their mantra of “Biafra or Death”. The Prince I have referred to is an Archspirit described in Ephesians 2:2 of the Holy Bible. I do not speak this out of hatred. I do not claim perfection in knowledge, wisdom and understanding but the little knowledge I have is what I want to share with others. I do not blame anybody or bear grudges at all. The scriptures are clear that all things work together for good to them that love God who are the called according to his purpose, Rom. 8:28. One thing is clear to me: Nnamdi Kanu disclosed the spirit at work in him and identified himself to his followers and to the whole world as can be heard from the two videos on the YouTube, namely:, and the second video:


Therefore, it is my opinion that we should respect his identity and allow him to work as he is led by the spirit in him, knowing that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap.I will start this warning by quoting the scriptural warning in Proverbs 29: 1 where God says, “He who is often reproved but continues to harden his heart shall suddenly be destroyed without remedy”. I want to talk about the campaign of “No Election” in Anambra State by his followers.

Some of his followers and admirers have often accused me of being jealous of him whenever I make any statement against his opinions and methodology but I forgive them because they were not there from the

beginning to understand that Nnamdi was actually the person who became jealous of me and did what he did. I cannot be jealous of a man who is not the vision-bearer of what I created. I am only giving this warning because of my love for the Biafrans whose lives are being wasted under him because they operate with zeal and emotions without knowledge, without wisdom and without understanding. After the “No Election” campaign, what next? Certainly, somebody shall win the election even if there is low turnout of voters. If there is complete breakdown of law and order, the Federal Government will declare a State of Emergency and appoint a Military Administrator from Abuja to govern Anambra State.


The story of Nnamdi Kanu and Emeka Emekesiri is likened to the story of the hawk and the weaver bird. The two birds were pregnant and desired to build homes in preparation for the children they would give birth to. The weaver bird is highly skilled in building a solid house which looks like the foot of a man from the ankle up to the knee. The nest is so strong and fortified that the kids are protected inside it during rainstorms and windstorms. The hawk was fascinated with the skills and craftsmanship of the weaver bird. She came to learn from the weaver bird.


Of course, the weaver bird was willing to teach the hawk and advised her to watch and learn patiently. The weaver bird took the first four straws and laid the foundation of the nest while the hawk watched; then she took woodrushes and made the bed of the nest while the hawk watched; took another straw and started spinning and weaving. Before she could take another straw to start making the beams and columns and reinforcements to curve the nest from ankle and raise it to the knee, the hawk shouted with excitement: “Oh, this is wonderful. I have learn it”, and with this exclamation the hawk flew away shouting on air “hawk” “hawk” to start building her own house for the children she would give birth to. She was not patient to learn the whole process.


Unfortunately, she could build up to the level she had learnt from the weaver bird. She did not know how to make the beams, columns and reinforcements to curve the nest like the boot. She was frustrated by elemental forces and stopped the nest at the base of the ankle. This is why the hawk’s nest is open and her children are exposed to windstorms and rainstorms which destroy them without mercy. Our elders taught us to pass important messages by proverbs and idioms which only the wise can understand and appreciate. I will not say too much here. The “No Election” campaign portends some danger to the followers of Nnamdi Kanu. They have the fundamental human right to boycott the elections but have no right to stop the Government from conducting the elections or to stop other people from voting in the elections.

I have heard that they want to sit at home on 18 November 2017 to eat “ofe nsala”. This is commendable. I wish them good enjoyment of ofe nsala, with tombo, isi-ewu and nkwobi. If they stay in their houses to eat and enjoy themselves, there will be no problems but if they come out to the streets to stop other people from going to vote in the election, it may be dangerous and suicidal. The Biafra Restoration Project is in three phases. The Phase 1 is awareness creation. This Phase has been completed by Nnamdi Kanu and Ralph Uwazuruike from 1999 to date. They have advertised Biafra to the whole world. We give them credit for that.

This is a relay race or team work. We have now gone into the Phase 2 of the Biafran Project to build the Biafran Political, Diplomatic and Economic Institutions that will midwife the restoration of the Biafran sovereignty in Phase 3.


The Phase 3 is still in the future. We believe that God will raise men and women in the future to accomplish Phase 3 for our outright independence. Now, we are in the Phase 2 Project to achieve Biafran Freedom within Nigeria as a self-governing region with its own Parliament just like Scotland within Britain. We want to control our political space. We want to put Biafran activists in power to pass the Biafran Bills into law in our Houses of Assembly in all the States of Biafraland. We are not interested in the Abuja politics for now. The National Assembly is skewed against us as we have no majority in the Senate or House of Reps to pass any National Bill.


At the moment, we can only control our own Biafran region and pass the appropriate bills into law as State Laws. We have no intention to break or destroy Nigeria but to be free from Nigeria. Biafra must be free. It is either freedom within or freedom without. The Phase 2 Project is freedom within Nigeria. Everything has a process. The Biafrans who believe in the legal

Methodology of self-determination have decided to participate in the Nigerian politics.


MOBIN is our political movement. The Customary Government is our De Facto Government. We have our Media organizations. We have set up the political and governmental structures under Customary Law pursuant to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999. I therefore call upon Nnamdi Kanu to advise his followers not to confront the Nigerian Security Agents or interfere with the conduct of the Anambra State election. If the Nigerian Army and Security Agents could kill and massacre them when they did nothing wrong worthy of death, how much more will the Army kill them if they wilfully confront the Government to stop the Election in Anambra State?


It is not Biafra or Death but Biafra and Life, for it is written in the scriptures to them that believe, that we shall not die but live to declare the works of

God in Biafra land. I will say no more.


Emeka Emekesiri, Esq.,

Team Leader, Biafra Project Phase 2.

Vision Bearer and Founder of IPOB



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