At a time when many are of the opinion that it is already too late to restructure Nigeria,Barr Emeka Emekesiri ,The Chairman of Customary Government of Biafra has taken the fight to the Senate Committee on constitution review as a last effort to save Nigeria from bloody dissolution. BVI Channel 1 Online can confirm that about six Lawyers from Mekadolf Chambers will appear before Senate Committee on constitution review scheduled to hold in six geographical regions from 26th to 27th May ,2021 to defend the memorandum for devolution of power and returning Nigeria back to regional Government.

Bar Emekesiri believes that if power is not devolved to the Region urgently ,that Nigeria will surely break into many independent Nations .He confirmed that National Assembly can remedy the situation by being patriotic and creative in addressing the present challenges .Accordingly, devolution of power will allow each Region to govern herself and develop at her own pace,there will be peace,stability and growth in the socio-political and economic affairs of Nigeria .The management of the country will also become easy for the Leaders of the country and the regional governments as well as the international investors who have invested heavily in Nigeria. Devolution of power to the regions is the last hope for the survival of Nigeria as a country as such political structure encourages healthy competition among regions .The details of the memorandum will be presented to the Senate committee on the review of the 1999 constitution holding in Enugu . The Enugu venue for public hearing is Amadio Event Center besides Oakland,by Tunnel Old Artisan off Ogui Road ,Enugu by 10am.


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