The advantages of using legal method to achieve independence are many. If
independence is achieved by due process of law, all your investments and
properties in all parts of Nigeria will remain yours. The only difference is that
you will pay the taxes and rates to the government in whose jurisdiction your
properties are located. It is just like owning properties in London or America.
Again, everybody has the fundamental human rights to have dual citizenship. If
a Biafran wants to have dual citizenships, he can still retain his Nigerian
citizenship. It is your human rights to acquire multiple citizenships. I know
some Biafran activists who have dual and triple citizenships.

Most importantly,the use of legal method has attracted the Biafran elder statesmen into the
Biafran Struggle and given the Struggle much respect and legitimacy. It has
also attracted international diplomats to visit Biafraland and observe the court
proceedings in the Federal High Court and see our level of preparedness for
independence. The Biafran Struggle is no longer in the hands of charlatans and
fraudsters but now in the hands of Biafran intellectuals, strategists, royal fathers
and diplomats. Nevertheless, we emphasise that everybody is important in the
Struggle but every person must know and do what he is best talented to do. The
big men and small men are all important and needed in the Biafran Struggle.
The Intellectuals, Technocrats, Politicians and Businessmen are all important.
Our women, children and students are all important in the Struggle. But every
person should wear the shoes of his size. The level we have reached now in the
Biafran Struggle is as a result of using the experts in their areas of expertise.

We have noted that the hatred, persecution and attacks on the Biafrans are still
going on in various parts of Nigeria. At the moment, due to the rejection of
Biafra by many people in the South-South, the word “Biafrans” is now
synonymous with the word “Ibos” even though the Igbo People are not the
only Biafrans. Nevertheless, to the people of the North, all the Easterners are
the same whether they are from the South-East or South-South. We have also
noticed that despite the hatred, persecution and attacks on the Easterners in the
North and West, the Ibos especially have continued to invest heavily in the
regions where they are hated.

The fact remains that other parts of Nigeria have not embraced our people with open hands.They suspect every move we make and however still pretend that Nigeria is one.

The journey to restore Biafra has just started.


Barr Emeka Emekesri

The Solicitor-Indigenous People of Biafra



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