Catholic Priest has dropped  BombBlast Prayer Points for Nigerians to pray. The Catholic Priest,  popularly called  Fada Oluoma, dropped the prayer point via his Official Facebook page.

He writes Dear Lord, praying for someone to get a visa to America, Canada, Dubai, UK and other 1st world countries is among the biggest miracles and testimonies in Nigeria. Haba Daddy, that doesn’t sound fair na (please excuse my manners) I have a better prayer: our Lord Jesus Christ said in Mtt 15:13: ”every tree not planted by my Heavenly Father will be uprooted. If a blind man leads a blind man both will fall into a pit” Ps 24 also said that the earth and it’s fullness belongs to you. Nigeria is definitely yours.

Please uproot whoever and whatever that needs to be uprooted to make Nigeria better.

We prefer the miracle of a Nigeria that provides same opportunities and environment for people to thrive to the miracle of getting visas to other countries.

That blind leader who travels abroad for vacation sees all the good things there and still returns to Nigeria with no intention to replicate them, please uproot him/her from office.

That blind leader who travels abroad for medical treatment but refuses to build, equip hospitals and provide medical care to the masses, Biko uproot from office.

Those blind leaders who send their children abroad to school but do nothing about education in Nigeria, please uproot from office.

Those wicked leaders who hoard and hide palliatives meant for poor people, they are too hungry and wicked to be leaders, please uproot them from office.

Those who use thugs to disrupt peaceful protests, please uproot them from office.

Those who reserve appointments for their children and relatives who are not yet graduates, ewoooo Nna, uproot them from office.

Those who make appointments by tribal, religious and ethnic affiliation at the detriment of competence, please uproot them from office.

Those who rubbish the integrity and capacity of our institutions, uproot them from office.

Those who sell judgements to the highest bidder, uproot them from office.

Those who reject every reasonable idea and step to make this country better, uproot from office.

Those who cause and perpetuate corruption, please uproot from office.

How about the religious leaders who teach wrong things to their followers just to keep them docile and milk them dry, Hmmmm, don’t just uproot those ones because they may find another pulpit, give them the Zechariah treatment, let them be dumb until they learn to teach the truth. Amen.


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