In Botswana, UNIVERSITY students get paid $154 monthly to go to school.

Botswana’s citizens get FREE land if they apply when they are above 18.

The country is so safe that even the President can walk around without SECURITY.

All Citizens receive FREE healthcare.

Botswana gives Grants to OLD people and PHYSICALLY challenged people.

In 2017, Botswana’s Parliament approved a law to provide FREE sanitary pads for girls in all schools to improve access to EDUCATION.

They are Visa free to a lot of countries including UK but you’ll rarely see any of them traveling to UK.

What are you going to do in another country when your country provides the basic things.

I used to think it’s the normal black man mentality for all Africans, but looking at this, it means we’re not born bad as Africans, it’s some of our LEADERS and POLITICAL decisions that’s bad.
Because look at Botswana.. They just proved me wrong .


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