…Abba community rejects olive branch extended by neighbours

Anambra State Government has sued for peaceful resolution among communities having boundary disputes in the state.

Deputy Governor of the state, Dr OnyekaChukwu Ibezim, who made the call at the Anambra State Boundary Committee meeting held at Government House, Awka, frowned at the number of boundary disputes in the state, but stressed that his committee is deeply committed to resolving them.

He noted that the committee’s target is to settle protracted land disputes amongst communities and enthrone peace across the state before the end of next year.

Deputy Governor Ibezim, who is also the Chairman of the committee called for peaceful co-habitation among communities, noting that conflict is never an option, rather would hinder development and progress.

According to him, Governor Soludo is doing a lot in attracting investors to the state but no investor would be interested in investing in anarchy no matter how attractive the business is.

Revealing the eagerness of the state boundary technical team in bringing lasting solution to land disputes, he disclosed that the team would by next year embark on delineation of disputed areas and establish monument on boundaries, in order to avert future disputes.

Earlier, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Boundary Matters, Mr Ekenechukwu Okoye explained that the small land mass of Anambra State is partly responsible fot the high number of boundary disputes across the state.

He recommended prioritization of peace education and advocacy by conducting constant conferences, trainings and seminars on peace and conflict resolution for communities especially the youthful population and other stakeholders.

In a remark, the Traditional Ruler of Enugwu-Umuonyia, Igwe Peter Ezeamama, emphasized the need for the warring communities to give peace a chance, reminding them that peaceful settlement of issues, especially land related issues is key to achieving sustainable development.

He pointed out that disputes disrupt development, scares investors away, and above all leads to preventable destruction of lives and property.

During the meeting, members of some communities in boundary disputes in the state; including Amudo Awka, in Awka South Local Government Area and Egbeagu/Okukwa Amansea in Awka North, as well as Abba; in Njikoka Local Government Area and Ukpo and Ukwulu communities in Dunukofia Council Area were invited.

On behalf of their communities, the representatives gave their consent on the decision of the state government to delineate the boundaries and establish monuments on them.

However, the representative of Abba community rejected government’s request that they accept the olive branch extended to them by their neighbours, insisting that the community has series of court case against Ukpo on their disputed boundary.

Credit: Chisom Okpala, Ministry of Information, Anambra State


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