Barrister Emeka Emekesiri of Jaycee Gold Solicitors, London, has stopped the deportation of his clients from the United Kingdom by an Injunction Order made by the Upper Tribunal Judge Craig dated 29 November 2017 attached herewith. For purposes of confidentiality, the identities, names and reference numbers of the clients have been obliterated on the Injunction Order attached.

The Immigration Authorities served his clients with Notice of Removal and he challenged the Secretary of State for the Home Department in Court because the deportation was unlawful as his clients have their cases pending in Court. The Judge agreed with him and ordered the Respondent not to remove his clients from the United Kingdom until determination of the proceedings. 
Emeka Emekesiri is an expert in law, defending the oppressed, fighting for justice, and putting smiles on the faces of the masses whose fundamental human rights are violated. He is the Principal Solicitor at Jaycee Gold Solicitors in the UK and Mekadolf Chambers in Nigeria. 


BVI Channel 1 can confirm that Barr Emeka Emekesri is the Vision Bearer of the Legal Method to pursue self determination for the Biafran people still living in Nigeria .He is also the Chairman of Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria.

Victor reporting for BVI Channel 1


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