Buhari Sympathising with Bandits- Ayo Adebanjo

The leader of Pan Yoruba movement, Chief Pa Ayo Adebanjo has blasted the president, Mohammadu Buhari for the ongoing carnage in the country.

Adebanjo said the president knows those responsible for these killings and has done nothing about it.

The president knows these people and has been protecting them. When we first said these are Fulanis, the president said no, they’re not. When it became obvious that the perpetrators of these crimes are Fulanis, he said they’re foreign Fulanis from other Arab countries

The elderstatesmen who made these statements when he appeared on AriseTv Newsday on Thursday said “the president knows our enemies and attackers and he treats them with kids glove. Even when they’ve given him the names of these people, what did he do?” he asked.

On the call by Northern Elders for Buhari to step down, the Afenifere leader said “Buhari should have gone 5 years ago because he doesn’t want to solve the problem of the country.”

He blasted Nigerian leader and the led for being very docile in the face of all the atrocities happening in the country. He wondered why Nigerians haven’t taken to the streets like in other countries.

He also expressed his support for state police and said that the constitution has to be rewritten before the conduct of 2023 election.



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