A visionary and revolutionary Leadership can turn around the fortune of a State within four years period .

We are blessed with abundant human and material resources in Igboland. What we expect from Solution Government is to assemble the best brains anywhere in the world towards massive development of Anambra State as a template to building regional economy .

Technology has made things easy and we have thousands of energetic young men and women who can give 18 hours a day towards productive ventures when greatly motivated . We have willing labour forces who can execute any project .

Public water scheme throughout Anambra State is not a big deal . Organise and plan anything you want to achieve ,people will willingly give dear support.

Solution Government can flood the cities and communities with well trained intelligence personnels using technology to fight crime. Cases of Successful assassinations in Anambra State are becoming embarrassing . No amount of money can restore life,therefore , Solution Government should be creative in fighting crime. Again ,people are entering depression every minute. Government should commence programs that will give hope to the people.A happy people is a healthy society ,and that is Government gain .

Nigeria constitution has given a Governor enormous power to do certain things. A Governor can build the database of graduates in a state , the database of skilled workers etc

Anambra people gave their maximum support to Prof Soludo because of his track records in public service. He must not betray that trust . Our public institutions are weak because of questionable characters in public space and that is why Nigeria has not moved forward.

Let Solution Government carry everybody along to be on the same page with the Government programs.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes for GGM


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