Busted: Nigeria Air is Rented- Investigative Journalist Reveals

Nigerian popular journalist and activist, David Hundeyin has twitted in reaction to the Nigerian Air.

“In context, this is not today’s important story, but I thought to flag it up too.

Aviation minister @hadisirika is committing broad daylight fraud by displaying this rented and hurriedly repainted @flyethiopian Boeing 737-800 as an aircraft belonging to a phantom “Nigeria Air”.

I obtained the video below of the purported “Nigeria Air” 737-800 from a source at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in the Ethiopian capital.

As you can see when you freeze the frame, the aircraft is clearly registered to @flyethiopian with the registration number ET-APL.

If you put that registration number into @planespotters, you can clearly see that it is an 11 year-old Boeing 737-800 belonging to @flyethiopian.

It has also briefly appeared in the colours of @MalawianAirline (@flyethiopian owns 49% of @MalawianAirline).

When you check @flightradar24, you can see that this aircraft is still in active @flyethiopian service, but after disappearing to Tel-Aviv for 5 days (undergoing repainting), has now resurfaced in Abuja to be fraudulently “commissioned” later today by @hadisirika.

The questions that @hadisirika needs to answer are:

What exactly is the nature of the ownership and technical agreement between @flyethiopian and the so-called ‘Nigeria Air’?

Why did he spend billions of naira on this project to deliver essentially a @flyethiopian subsidiary?

Why is he fraudulently misrepresenting a @flyethiopian Beoing 737 that is still in ACTIVE service, and flew with @flyethiopian colours as recently as 6 days ago (May 21), as an aircraft belonging to “Nigeria Air”, that will be commissioned by the hapless outgoing president?”

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