Dear BVI Channel 1 Fans ,

Congratulations to all of us for hitting 11,000 subscribers within the last 25 days totalling 128,000 on YouTube channel. This landmark achievement calls for celebration!

Your online media is everyday becoming a global media entity that is people driven , set up to address humanity crisis . Nodoubt ,our vision to represent the real voice of the People is paying off as the Masses from all corners of earth have come to identify with the voice of truth, hence the increase in subscription .

In the next six months ,we target 1 million subscribers! This is achievable as we are at cruising level where referral plays a dominant role with multipliers effect result.

We are committed to our earlier resolve to represent the real voice of the People. In BVI Channel 1 ,money is not our driving force .Our love for a sane,free ,just and equitable society where all human will be treated equal will continue to drive us. We hope to be on international satellite TV where the forces of darkness will no longer determine our grow rate.

We will never disappoint you. BVI Admin


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