BVI Channel 1 has gone a long way. From a humble beginning to a global voice of the oppressed people around the world. From the very beginning ,BVI Team has remained committed and consistent to the vision and mission behind the brand -BVI Channel 1.

We promised to promote the Biafran ideology of freedom ,equity ,fairness,good Governance ,public accountability and justice – that we have done .

We promised to pursue economic , political, cultural and spiritual freedom- that we have done without fear or favour.

We promised to be an epitome of humility,honesty and truthfulness in all our dealings – that we have consistently done.

We promised to represent the voice of the voiceless with no string attached- that we have done .

To operate in an environment where trust system is non existence,where institutions are too weak and where every other person beg and praise sing to put food on the table,BVI Channel 1 has to remain alone in pursuit of a new societal order where human lives are most valued and honored . It is a tall order to survive in a corrupt environment as you will be seen as an odd man once you are advocating for a new system.

Many people may not appreciate nor recognize the work,the sacrifice BVI Channel 1 has done/made as Nigeria society has a way of suppressing genuine work. Serving Public interest is quite difficult, it is not economically viable ,it is not media friendly as most media houses are funded by corrupt persons.BVI Channel 1 should be funded by the masses but the masses don’t understand what is at stake,why it is difficult to stand with the people.

But,we can only encourage ourselves that we are serving our living God in truth and honesty as our work has given hope to millions of depressed and frustrated people .

To new Members  on various BVI platforms,pls  spread our message! We have reasons to glorify God .Only few good and contented men and women can change our society . We can use social media to change our world. Pls ,avoid fake news ,keep a distance from fake news and damaging propaganda!

You can download BVI Channel 1 TV app free to follow us on all our news .Visit our website or send email to us via .You can also call 08104545533.

BVI Admin



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