• In a statement personally signed by Barr Emeka Emekesri and forwarded to BVI ,Barr Emeka told the Minister of Agriculture that CATTLE COLONIES in Biafraland is not possible.

    Emeka Adolf Chigozie Emekesri Esq is a tripartite professional trained in both secular and sacred studies,in science and Arts,Law,Theology,Estate Management,Planning and Environmental Studies.Along with his professional practice, he is the presiding Bishop of a Charismatic Pentecostal Church known as Christ The Rock Community and operates the gospel ministry in the pattern of the Apostle Paul who laboured with his own hands to feed himself as well as preach the gospel without motive of financial gains.

    Bar Emeka is the Solicitor for Indigenous People of Biafra as well as the Legal Adviser,Supreme Council of Elders Of Indigenous People of Biafra.He is the Lead Council to the case between the Indigenous People of Biafra and Federal Republic of Nigeria & The Attorney –General of the Federation with Suit No FHC/OW/CS/192/2013  at Federal High Court ,Owerri,Imo State.

    The detail of the statement reads:

    ‘I have just read the news report published by the Nation Newspaper on 9 January 2018 where the Federal Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development, Mr Audu Innocent Ogbeh, said as follows:

    “On the issue of cattle, we have to start immediately; 16 states have given us land to work on. The programme is not going to be cheap. Mr President has personally informed me that if we seek help from him, he will give it to us over and above the budget we have, and when that budget is released I plead with all of you to come on board to work hard to achieve results. We are talking of cattle colonies, not ranches, so to speak, where we will provide water, grass, training for herdsmen, cattle breeding and insemination….Nigerians are getting extremely uncomfortable with these killings….Let us do our own duty by eliminating the conflict by creating cattle colonies”.

    Well, Mr Ogbeh did not mention the names of the 16 States that have given them five hectares of land each to create cattle colonies for settlement of the Fulani herdsmen. I hope his village in Otukpo is one of the cattle colonies. Some of you may not understand what one hectare of land means. Let me explain it as an Estate Surveyor & Valuer. One hectare of land is 10,000 square metres. Five hectares of land is 50,000 square metres. Perhaps, you still do not understand. 50,000 square metres is approximately 108 plots of land measured in 50’ x 100’. This is sufficient in law to form a Fulani village and ward in the area they settle as colonies with equal right to have Councillors to represent their wards in the Local Government. They now have 16 colonies in 16 States. Let me make it clear to Mr Audu Ogbeh and his cattle associates that we will not give an inch of our land to the Fulani herdsmen to establish cattle colonies in Biafraland. If the Federal Government thinks that they can go through our Governors under the Land Use Act 1978 to give our lands to the Fulanis by compulsory acquisition, then they should get ready for real trouble. We shall resist and nullify the Acquisition Notices issued by the Governors.

    Many people have heard me say several times that we shall use the law, politics and diplomacy to fight for our freedom. There is a provision of the law that gives us the power to resist and nullify the compulsory acquisition of lands if it is not in our best interest. It is unfortunate that many people are ignorant. Everything we do in our freedom movement shall be lawful because we believe in the legal methodology. I now advise all the Biafran people to watch out for any Public Notices of Acquisition of lands issued by any State Government in Biafraland and inform the Biafran lawyers immediately. We shall advise the communities to resist the compulsory acquisition because it is not in the public interest but for the selfish interest of the Fulanis. Did they acquire lands in Sokoto State for the Igbo Yam and Cassava colonies? Did they acquire lands in Bauchi State for the Igbo Motor Spare Parts colonies? Did they acquire lands in Kano State for our Computer Village colonies? Did they acquire lands in Adamawa State for the Igbo Hotels and Restaurants colonies? Did they acquire lands in Niger State for the Igbo Palm Produce colonies? What about our fleets of vehicles for transportation all over the country? Did they acquire Luxury Bus Terminals for our transport colonies? They are talking nonsense. Cattle business is not more important than other businesses in Nigeria. Why should the Government promote cattle business at the expense and detriment of other businesses run by the citizens from other parts of the country? Mr Audu Ogbeh is talking rubbish, with due respect.

    We know that the creation of cattle colonies is a plan to give the Fulanis the power to Islamize the whole country called Nigeria. By the use of the colony system, they will colonise the whole area and in future they become Fulani Communities. Thus, they will be protected by law and given seats in the Local Government Councils and State Houses of Assembly as indigenes of the land. It will take about 200 years and the area will become Islamized with their Emirs ruling the communities. This is how they took over the indigenous Hausa communities when they came from the Futa Jallon Highlands. They have already penetrated into Ebonyi State and established the largest Islamic centre in Africa soon to be upgraded to an Islamic University while our people were sleeping. The indigenous peoples of the land will be assimilated by the Fulanis as they will be given incentives such as free education and quick promotions in government offices. The social psychology of Nigeria is that the Nigerians usually follow any person with money and power, and not the person with brain. The Fulanis have the money and the power. They are now combining their money and power with legal and diplomatic wisdom to rule over the nation forever.

    The plan to Islamize Nigeria did not start today. I give the Fulanis the credit of foresightedness and planning ahead for the future of their people and for holding unto their religion and culture with unflinching loyalty. They have a vision to Islamize the whole world, not only Nigeria, and they are holding unto their vision. At Page 278 of my book published in 2012 titled, “Biafra or Nigerian Presidency- What the Ibos Want”, I stated as follows:

    “Officially Nigeria is an Islamic Country

    The plan to convert Nigeria to an Islamic country was made by General Murtala Muhammed and given to Muhammadu Buhari and Ibrahim Babangida to implement. The Federal Government of Nigeria under General Buhari and General Tunde Idiagbon registered Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) with Observer Status but in 1986 General Babangida made Nigeria a full member of the OIC. He brought Obasanjo to power and on 24 February 2001 General Obasanjo attended the D8 Summit of Islamic countries in Cairo, Egypt. The members of Boko Haram are aware that Nigeria is officially an Islamic country. They are therefore trying to implement what has been signed by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Their religion allows them to use jihad and make converts by force and by conquests. It is very likely that they will succeed in implementing what has been signed. Only the Igbo territory has remained immune to the Islamic onslaught. Nigeria is an Islamic country!”

    We must prepare for war of self-defence now because the Fulanis have prepared themselves for what they call “holy war”. The State Houses of Assembly in the East can pass the necessary Bills into law for the security and protection of our Region. In my previous message, I explained how the Bakassi Boys security organ was created and given legal status by the Abia State House of Assembly because I was there and some of the Boys were my clients while I lived in Aba. Any private army you form in any State without a Bill passed into Law by the State House of Assembly to give it a legal backing is unlawful and treasonable. We cannot form a Biafran army now or Biafran Security Service because Biafra is not yet sovereign but we can have Security Organs like the Bakassi Boys created and regulated under the State Law. Many Biafrans have not read my book quoted above and yet it contains the master plan and blueprint for our independence struggle. I blame the Biafran activists of today for not being wise enough and for being short-sighted. Many Biafran activists have no time to read and understand issues. We left our own Customary Law System while the Fulanis uphold their Sharia Law System, and yet both the Sharia Law and Customary Law are provided by the Nigerian Constitution. We develop the North and the West with multibillion naira investments but abandon the East. We left our own Efi Igbo (Ehi Igbo) to start consuming “NAMA” and patronizing the Fulani Herdsmen. The Biafrans compete among themselves in buying many cows for their celebrations every week without realizing that they are actually contributing money for the Fulani herdsmen to purchase more bullets. Why should cattle rearers move about with heavy sophisticated machine guns such as AK47? I consider them as terrorists and not cattle rearers! We shall not give our lands to terrorists and religious fanatics from the Futa Jallon highlands who believe that God appointed them to rule over Nigeria!

    Most of the Biafran activists are not knowledgeable. We are not in power, not even at the regional level. The Biafran activists have nobody in the Houses of Assembly in the East. The present Igbo politicians do not have interest in the Biafra Project otherwise they would have presented the Biafran Bill for debate in the National Assembly even though the Bill will not succeed at the first attempt because the North has the majority seats in the National Assembly. The worst thing is that some of the Biafran activists have told their fans and followers not to participate in the politics of Biafraland but to boycott the elections. Their argument is that the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent. Now let me explain this issue again.

    We know that the Nigerian Constitution is fraudulent and skewed against us because it was not made by us but imposed upon us by the Military Government of Northern Nigeria. However, there is a rule of law that says that every law remains valid until it is abolished or set aside. At the moment, the Nigerian Constitution has not been abolished and therefore remains valid. I heard about some Biafran activists who have challenged the Nigerian Constitution in Court praying the Judge to declare the Constitution null and void ab initio. The problem is that the Judge and the Judiciary were created by the same Constitution and if the Judge should declare the Constitution null and void, the whole Judiciary would collapse immediately; the Judge would sack herself or himself immediately because he is sitting on a fraudulent judicial seat created by a fraudulent Constitution; the Senate and House of Representatives would be dissolved immediately; all the States in Nigeria and their Houses of Assembly would be dissolved immediately because the States were created by the Constitution; all the Local Government Councils would be dissolved immediately; all the University Degrees and Certificates obtained under the Nigerian law would become invalid; all the Nigerian Passports and Driving Licenses held by all Nigerians anywhere in the world would become invalid; the Nigerian currency, Naira and Kobo, would cease to be legal tender; the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Police would be dissolved immediately; in fact, there would be anarchy! For this reason, the Judge would uphold the public law principle of “salus populi est suprema lex” to resolve the problem. It means, “the safety of the public is the supreme law”. The Judge would decide the case in the interest of the public to ensure that the people are safe and protected until the Constitution is abolished by due process.

    Therefore, as long as the Nigerian Constitution remains valid, we shall use the law, politics and diplomacy to fight for our freedom. At least, we have the Houses of Assembly in the East which can pass our bills into law to protect our territory. It is quite unfortunate that while we advise the Biafrans to participate in politics and vote the Biafran activists into power in the States, some Biafran leaders advise their followers to boycott the elections. How shall we then put our people in the Houses of Assembly to pass the necessary Bills into law to protect our territory if we boycott the elections? How shall we establish our Regional Government and govern ourselves by laws made by our own Houses of Assembly before outfight independence if we do not put the Biafran activists in power? Now is the time to checkmate the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen. They are using the Nigerian law to gain access to our lands. We can also use the Nigerian law to stop them from gaining access to our land. Our State Houses of Assembly can pass the Anti-Grazing Bill or Anti-Cattle Colony Bill into Law to protect our region. Every law validly made by the State House of Assembly is deemed to have been made under the Nigerian Constitution because it is the Constitution that gives power to the Houses of Assembly to make laws.  Unfortunately, we have no Biafran activists in the Houses of Assembly because their leaders have advised them to boycott the politics of Biafraland so that the United Nations would give us Referendum. This is foolish advice hyped into the hearts and minds of the people by false radio propaganda. This is zeal without knowledge, without wisdom and without understanding. It is quite unfortunate.

    If you are convinced that the Biafrans must take over political power in the Eastern Region and pass the necessary Bills into laws to protect themselves and establish our regional government before outfight independence, please contact MOBIN at www.mobinbiafra.org and join the first and only political movement of the Biafrans now. We must re-orientate the minds of the Biafrans to participate in politics and take over political power in our region. We must stop Mr Audu Ogbeh and his cattle colonies now!

    Emeka Emekesiri, Esq., Barrister & Solicitor
    Founder & Vision Bearer, Indigenous People of Biafra


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