My beloved Naija Youths,

I must confess that I have been encouraged by your tenacity with the #EndSars campaign, nationally.
It’s only through action that words can have meaning.

I have always believed that the salvation of dis we country lies in the hands of some exceptional youths.

Understand that nobody gives you anything, certainly not these riffraffs and criminals ruling us. If you want smtin you take it, as a man.

No messiah will be coming to save you. Jesus is not coming anytime soon to fix Nigeria.
Prayers without action, na nonsense.
These Demons who want to die in power will never invite u to come and take over.
CharlyBoy at 70 smtin years old cannot come to lead able bodied young people whose blood should be boiling over. If u think I never try after over 40yrs being my authentic self na for ur pocket.

I will keep teaching, keep inspiring, I will keep giving u guys the ginger, but only u can save urself.

Be gallant my beloved youths.


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