“Finland has the most stable economy in world today. There are less than 20 churches in Finland.

Switzerland has the second most stable economy in the world. Switzerland has less than 30 churches.

Denmark is the third most stable economy in the world. Denmark has about 23 churches in it.

These are countries considered largely atheist in nature, yet so blessed.

Come to Owerri town, SE Nigeria, from MCC junction to Toronto junction, there are 36 churches. That stretch of about 5 km harbours 36 churches, more churches than the entire Switzerland.

Between Owerri and Mgbidi l counted 97 churches and gave up. According to CAC, Nigeria has over 23,000 registered churches.

We have more churches than schools and hospitals combined. More pastors than doctors and teachers combined. Everyone is born again. All are covered in the blood of Jesus. All are filled with the Holy Spirit.

Yet none of those claims reflects in the expected moral elevation of society. We are still one of the greediest, laziest, corrupt, deceitful, hypocritical and hateful set of beings on the planet today, with all our Christ and Holy spirit.

Our people need to draw the line between religiosity and spirituality.”

Christian Associations of Nigerian herein referred to as CAN is a confused organization who doesn’t know anything. I call them Noise makers. Imagine CAN telling us that Muslim want to islamize Nigeria just because they are giving free interest loan, free education. Why we the Christian can’t afford schools built with our offerings and tithes which we give to our denominations.  Pls help me tell CAN to Christianize Nigeria by opening interest free bank, free education, reduction of their university fee per semester, Tell CAN to start free distribution of Bible  all over Nigerian cities and villages, Tell CAN to abolish paying money before seen General Overseers and founders of denominations. Tell CAN to form and register a political party as it is done In Germany. Ask CAN where they were when Muslim started conducting white wedding. Ask CAN were they sleeping When Muslim started conducting Night vigils every Friday more than 10yrs ago and opened up camp grounds for their crusade? Ask CAN where were they when their sons and daughters in various offices are being  used to bring anti-Christian policies; was it not a christian who was used to sack all president founders of ministries recently? was it not a Christian who chaired the committee of the merger of Christian Religious Knowledge/Civil Education?

Please tell CAN to Christianize Nigeria! Tell them to give Nigerians a better LIFE. Tell CAN that,  four of their Pentecostal churches alone can establish a MEGA BANK. No! they won’t do that, their priorities are competition of Jet acquisition, building mega Cathedrals and palatial domains.

Ask CAN what is preventing them from establishing industries and farms  in West Africa Whereas they only go to extend their branches to other nations for their selfish pursuits. Tell CAN to start Formulating a new strategy to Christianize Africa. Tell CAN to stop talking and doing the same things the OLD way. Enough of Traditions, we need a RADICAL Change. Blessed be the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

May His suffering on the Cross Never be in vain over Nigeria Christian.

Okonkwo ifeanyi innocent is a social analyst and commentator, Anambra state coordinator MOBIN!!


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