The Customary Government of Biafra has appointed an Envoy and Administrator for the Biafrans in the State of California, United States of America. The Customary Government is powered by the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN).

The Administrator and Envoy is Ifeoma Caroline Nwadike. In a letter of appointment sent to MOBIN MEDIA, the Chairman, Governing Council of the Customary Government of Biafra, Barrister Emeka Emekesiri, said that the appointment, which took effect from November 2020 will last for three years, and may be renewed upon satisfactory performance.

It read in part; “By this appointment, you have become the Director of Biafran Diaspora Affairs in California under the Movement of Biafran in Nigeria (MOBIN) who shall oversee the affairs of all Biafrans resident in California as Nigeria’s citizens or with dual or multiple citizenship of other countries.

“You will liaise with and assist the Government of California in the internal affairs of the Biafran living in California. This is strictly an internal affair touching upon the private lives of Indigenous People of Biafra in the State of California under Customary Law.

“You will encourage Biafrans to participate actively in the politics and socio-economic life of California and win friends.

“The Customary Government recognizes the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and does not oppose the Nigerian Government. The Customary Government is an internal governmental structure for the Biafrans created under the Nigerian Customary Law by Deed of Customary Government which accepts that the Biafrans are Nigerians by citizenship but Biafrans by indigenous identity as provided by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Indigenous Peoples, Res 61/295 of 2007.

The Customary Government is powered by the political arm of the Biafran struggle known as the Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), the political movement that engages in both national and international politics in the interest of Biafrans.

By this appointment, Nwadike becomes the first Envoy of the Customary Government of Biafra in California.



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