Don’t name Anambra Airport After Your name, Allow posterity to judge you- GGM advises Obiano

Press Statement

The attention of Good Governance Ministry has been drawn to the video clip trending in social media space where the outgoing Government of Obiano during the last State Executive meeting held in International Conference Centre , Awka passed an executive resolution changing Anambra International and cargo airport to Willie Obiano International & Cargo Airport.

GGM views such decision as Executive recklessness .It is just like a football winning team organising a gold medal for themselves. No doubt ,Governor Obiano has made history by starting and completing a legacy project like State- funded airport considering the strategic importance of such investment . Gov Obiano should be applauded but GGM was disappointed that the Governor could allow praise singers in the name of Government Officials to becloud his senses of reasoning by endorsing such decision.

Gov Obiano should not be deceived that those Government officials working for him have his interest at heart.

We , therefore advice that such idea should be trashed into a reserved waste-bin where it rightly belong. Gov Obiano should allow posterity to judge him rightly or wrongly.

During the same Executive Meeting Gov Obiano was heard advising the incoming Government of Prof Soludo to retain some of his cabinet members . GGM considers such open remark by the Governor as unnecessary. Such call has always been the cause of unending ‘cold war’ between the political godfather and godson . Gov Obiano should be advised to face his life on exit as the former Governor of Anambra State. Any effort to insist that certain things be done or to distract the new administration will backfire as the experience of the recent history is still fresh in our collective memory . Let peace reign in Anambra State.

Good Governance Ministry is the first Political Ministry in Nigeria , NGO working hard to ensure that Good Governance and public Accountability are entrenched in Alaigbo and beyond .

Chukwuemeka Chibuzor


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