The Leader of Good Governance Ministry (GGM), a political interest group, Mr Chinedu Asuzu, has reminded Ndigbo that it is possible to put Alaigbo in the world map economically even as Ndigbo are forced to remain in Nigeria.

Asuzu, who made the pronouncement during an hour radio phone-in programme aired this Monday being 24th January ,2022 at Odenigbo 99.1 FM Obosi, argued that the land of rising sun shall rise again and the sun shall shine throughout Africa and the world as in Biafra ,Africa died and in the land of the rising sun ,Africa shall rise again.

“Anambra State being the head of Igbo people has set a political and economic models that will be executed throughout Alaigbo .The incoming administration of Prof Soludo started on a sound footing by the inauguration of transition committee that has technocrats from all parts of Igboland . For us to secure real freedom, we need to be economically independent ,that is the way of wise people. GGM has set social contract with whoever will become a Governor going forward in Alaigbo and from the body language of incoming Governor of Anambra state – Prof Soludo,it would no longer be business as usual .He has already pass a strong message to those feeding fat from government money to conclude their business by March 16,2022.GGM has started mobilizing the good people of Anambra and Alaigbo to defend anybody serving public interest. GGM is for the masses ,for the ordinary people on the street .The gathering of the people under a credible platform like GGM will make Government to be afraid of the people .Everybody who believes in freedom ,equity ,fairness ,justice and good governance is advised to search for GGM website via and register as team to change our society for better. We shall use our brain to win these economic and political war”

“We want to have GGM Ambassadors and Mobilizers in every households in Alaigbo. You can call these numbers to join GGM Ambassadors ;08060982212 or 080104207522. You can also search for BVI Channel 1 on the YouTube ,Facebook and telegram to be part of our daily update on how to fix our economy and politics .

Asuzu, while responding to the Moderator – Buchi that some party godfathers and Stakeholders might try to frustrate Soludo good intention ,said that Soludo real godfathers are the people who hired him as the Governor. Chinedu advised Soludo to be on the side of people and deliver public interest mandates.

Callers from all parts of Alaigbo extolled GGM, expressing hope that the programme would help to revive and advance our collective agenda of freedom. Chinedu Asuzu encouraged all to join the Crusaders to return economic and political power to the people.

Maureen Okafor reporting for BVI Channel 1 Online


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