The Hike in the Prices of Food Items in the Eastern Markets is another Call for The Easterners to look downwards. It is rather disheartening that after 50 Years of Civil War, the Igbos are yet to learn the Bitter Lesson of Food Scarcity. It is foolishness to brag that Igbos own half of Lagos, and developed the Whole of Abuja; while the shocking reality is that at the first gun shot, you would see that Igbos are empty and destitute.

How can you brag of welfare with an empty stomach? How can you count your three storey buildings with out a yam barn? How can you boast of international markets without a Plantain Plantation? It is not enough to know China and Malaysia; would you also import ginger, garlic, tomatoes, cocoyam, onions, to mention but a few- yet our lands are arable and richly fertile. Yet we are blessed with rainfall; in and out of seasons our lands produce water!

Starvation, yes, starvation would always conquer us. Which ever war we decide to embark on, be it in the battle field or on the negotiations tables, Starvation would always crumble our Storey Buildings and Loot our International Markets, if we don’t look downwards now. How many billions does the CBN release each year as agricultural grants? How many of the billions come down to the East? Why because they know we have no farms. Such money in the hands of a supposed Easterner Farmer finds its way to China the next Moment and finds its way back in 40feet Container as Processed Artificial Tin Tomatoes and Plastic Rice.

Igbos, how could you leave your kitchen affairs in the hands of your rivals? How do you wear fine clothes; live in Fine Houses; drive beautiful cars; speak good English and yet BEG for FOOD? Yet you all claim to Be Jews. Jews Don’t Eat from Gentiles, Jews Grow their Foods. Jews are not Just Military Super Power; Jews Are Food Sufficient- Agro-Gaints.

I call on every Igbo Man to look downwards.
I call on all our Igbos to look downwards.
I call on Ohaneze Ndi Igbo to truly reflect on Igbos interests and incite that.

I call on our various Market Unions in Igbo Land to *Own A Farm*. Invest in Agriculture. Invest in Being Food Sufficient. Otherwise, We All Lose the War Before the First Gun Shot even while still at Peace We Would Surrender Again to Starvation!

Think Home!!!
Think Agriculture!!!

This calls for 100% action for all Igbos!!!




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