CG-IPOB is worried that President Buhari has not come to terms with the historical facts that Biafra represents a peoples’ indigenous identity and could not in any way be equated with war.In a statement forwarded to BVI Channel 1 from the Directorate of Information,Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra,the statement reads : ‘ Our attention has been drawn to a newspaper(Sun) report credited to President Buhari that Ndigbo should forget Biafra and join forces in rebuilding a prosperous and united Nigeria.Customary Government of the Indigenous People of Biafra is not comfortable that the name Biafra is being stigmatized to further remove a peoples’ identity from the world map.For emphasize ,we can never forget our indigenous name just like Arewa and Oduduwa people cannot forget their  indigenous names.President Buhari could advice us to suspend our agitation for self determination outside the Nigeria State with a mouthwatering offer for an equitable and just Nigeria society.It is not right for anybody to decide what is good for our dear people talk less of imposing a unitary constitution written by few military cabals on over 70 million people.It has also become necessary to remind our dear President that our people have an inalienable rights for self determination and therefore a united Nigeria is not sacrosanct but should be subjected to the wishes of the People’ . The statement further advised Mr President to always remind the public that the issue of Biafra is being resolved in the Court of Law with the Elders of the Biafraland being part of the legal process as no amount of force can keep Nigeria united but open minded dialogue.

The statement was signed by the Director,Directorate of Information,Customary Government of Indigenous People of Biafra.


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