It has become clear to many parents that the task of teaching their children has been shifted to them despite the huge fees they keep doling out to private schools.

Children come home with homework that requires over 6 hours to complete and the children are usually clueless about the topic. Clearly some of these topics were never introduced in class and the burden of breaking in the topic is shifted to the parents. In some cases a topic is given a very brief introduction in class then  a slew of tasks is bundled as assignments and becomes the parent’s responsibility to ground the child in the subject.

Nigerian parents remain docile. They know they are being shafted but continue to take it.
Some schools try to drive the narrative that all other kids are up to par and only yours is finding it difficult. Bull! The teachers are trained to sell you that line (the only training they seem to receive). This belief gives every parent a catch-up mentality. So you either enroll in their “extra lessons ” or you find yourself doing homework for your children everyday.
This phenomenon (fraud)  was prevalent in China until parents got together and fought against it.

After paying exorbitant school fees, the schools pay peanuts to the teachers.  Some private school teachers in Nigeria consider themselves unemployed because their remuneration is so small!

They can’t be bothered to be dedicated. Besides many just simply are untrained.
The private schools have found a solution: transfer the teaching tasks to the parents!

Parents must individually reject this fraud!
Insist on only one assignment per subject per week. If the schools won’t comply then we must refuse to pay school fees this January!
Insist that teaching must be in the classroom! Not through ‘extra lessons ‘!

It is a big lie that every other child except yours is doing well! They only exploit your competitive spirit!

Enough is enough! Teach our children or we will not pay the school fees!  If we are doing all the work we might as well enroll them in the LEA public schools!

Edward Bobzom Umar


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