• The OurMumuDonDO Movement wishes to express strong disapproval over the prolonged incarceration of Ms. Kemi Olunloyo at the Port Harcourt Maximum Prisons, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. We believe that her protracted incarceration belies the fundamental principles upon which our legal system and even the correctional facility where she is being held was established.

    It is extremely disheartening that one of the finest investigative female journalists in Nigeria has been unlawfully kept in detention since October 12, 2017, allegedly over a controversial issue involving her and a renowned Nigerian pastor. Even more disheartening is the manner in which the Nigerian people, the Christian community, and indeed the legal system in Nigeria has seemingly become disinterested in ensuring that justice is tempered in this case involving Kemi Olunloyo.

    Regardless of whatsoever personal opinion anyone may hold against Ms. Olunloyo, the fact remains that no Nigerian deserves to be treated less as a human as she is currently being treated. Ms. Olunloyo, like every other Nigerian, has the right to freedom of expression and fair hearing. If at all she is guilty as charged, she deserves to be legally and publicly tried instead of being kept for a long period of time in an unkempt and stenchful prison facility.

    We, therefore, call on every Nigerian with a conscience to speak for Ms. Olunloyo because she needs our voices at this time. We ask every Nigerian who believes in the principles of Human Rights and Freedom of Speech to demand justice for Ms. Olunloyo not only because she is a journalist but because she is a Nigerian who should be protected by the law, like the rest of us.

    In conclusion, we urge the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Rivers State government, and every concerned authority to swiftly intervene in this matter and ensure that Kemi Olunloyo gets the justice that she deserves. We believe that justice delayed is justice denied, and Ms. Olunloyo, like every other Nigerian, deserves better than she is currently being served.

    Adebayo Raphael
    National Publicity Secretary OurMumuDonDo Movement.


Adebayo Raphael



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