Good Governance Ministry,the first political Ministry in Nigeria has applauded Prof Soludo administration for making moves to update the records of the Poor and Vulnerable Households in the various communities in Anambra State.

In a memo from Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning addressed to the Chairman ,ASATU, Government requested for a comprehensive list of the following from all the communities within Anambra State;
1. Elderly People without Support
2.Households without means of livelihood
3. Physically Challenged with or without Support
4. Victims of Natural disasters / accidents
5. Orphans without Support
6. Widows without Support
7.Persons without shelter.

The memo further directed that the list will be generated by households only and such households must be indigenes from Anambra State and those permanently living in the State.

GGM being one of the support groups that convinced the masses to vote for Prof Soludo is excited that the renowned Professor of Economics has shown that Government cares for the poor and Vulnerable. No society can advance without reliable data and this is only the starting point and a step in the right direction.

However, GGM expects Mr Governor to also update the records of unemployed and underemployed individuals in the State as well as reviewing the workers salaries in line with economic realities .

With right public policies and economic reform,the State Resources can be optimally utilized and allocated to maximize social welfare . The State Government can mobilize millions of unemployed youths to be productive in food production  . GGM noted that our abundant human and material resources are still underemployed and underutilized.

GGM is, also happy with Prof Soludo administration in the areas of security ,due processes and merit as basis for employment into Government work.

This is only a new beginning.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu writes for Good Governance Ministry





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