Good Governance Ministry (GGM) ,a political Ministry driven by passion for effective and efficient public sector management,has requested for an urgent review of Anambra  State Scholarship Board to reflect the determination of Soludo Solution Government for merit- based approach to public administration.

The call was made by Comrade Ndubuisi Anaenugwu,the Ambassador of the Ministry in line with GGM resolve for optimal management of tax payers money . Speaking further ,Comrade Anaenugwu noted that Ndigbo are endowed in both human and material resources, and to maximize our enormous resources ,there is an urgent need for Government intervention to moderate the activities of millions of our people and in doing that set direction towards solving our numerous problems in an ordered manner.

” A State sponsored scholarship should be targeted towards promoting creative education,skill acquisition,medical training, agricultural entrepreneurship etc that will help to solve an existing societal problems . Award of scholarship should be globally publicized and highly competitive to attract the best and most qualified indigenes of the State whose parent may not have the resources to give the child best education among other criteria” Ndubuisi concluded that an efficiently run scholarship board will encourage competition among students and will attract participation in Government business as well as increase in productivity. It is recommended that the Scholarship scheme should start from primary education where Government will harvest them young .


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