Good Governance Ministry ,a political ministry has advised Prof Chukwuma Soludo to revolutionarize the education sector in the State. The current school curriculum was packaged by our colonial masters whose intention was self serving.

The Deputy Leader of GGM – Comrade Ndubuisi Anaenugwu told our Reporter that the current education system is obsolete and should be dumped for a modern way of learning in line with 21st century expectation. ” Go to Anambra State University at Igbariam ,you will feel sorry for the present generation of young people.

The school academic program was targeted to produce certificate tigers who cannot solve problems around them. The University has hectares of land that are not put to use . Why can’t the University run an integrated farm ,Zoo,and industrial estates that will put the abundant human resources to work instead of copy and paste education. Why can’t University students start building App to solve local problems? The same situation is in nursery ,primary and secondary education, school children are exposed to only theories that are not practical oriented .

There are millions of our population under the school age ,wasting productive age learning how to be good slaves instead of entrepreneurs. Prof Soludo can change all these if he wants a better society’ Anaenugwu concluded

Queen Madu writes for BVI Channel 1 Online





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