Good Governance Ministry (GGM) has announced that the sack of Emefiele should be celebrated by all Nigerians.The Political Ministry, however confirmed that the appointment of Shonubi as acting Governor is in line with ethical standard and CBN practice until ongoing investigation is over .But for house cleaning of the CBN to be effective, a team of auditors should be engaged from outside of the CBN. Only then, CBN can be professionally and thoroughly probed and the outcome of the probe should inform the Nigerians how the Bank was managed under Buhari’s Emefiele.

The CBN was operated as an ATM of the Cabal,a Canteen and Cash Cow of the parasitic elites of the past administration.

Emefiele was reckless in his actions and managed CBN as extension of Commercial Banks where he served as Managing Director. No sane President of a Country will leave Emefiele to last in CBN saddle for a day. But Emefiele is not alone . Tinubu should also sack INEC henchman- Mr Yakubu for sabotaging electoral process and finally sack himself for benefitting in electoral fraud. Let the sack go round.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry


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