All is set for the end of the year meeting for GGM Cooperative Society.In a statement signed by the Cooperative President – Ndubuisi Anaenugwu,the statement reads ”Ours is cooperative with a difference ,an ideologically driven cooperative.

GGM Cooperative is set to do the right thing,to set an ethical standard, a model worthy of emulation by all the progressive minded individuals.

GGM Cooperative has started building a viable economic institution that will stand the test of time . Kindly note this lines : Behind any successful institution,there are visionary and revolutionary individuals who are protesting against the status quo and are determined to make a great difference for posterity .

Therefore, GGM Cooperative is in threshold of history and history is in the making !

This is economic institution for the masses and I will encourage all to spread the message. Thank you as we get ready to close the year today ” the statement ended


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