Good Governance Ministry (GGM ) strongly condemns yesterday ruling by Supreme Court of Nigeria affirming Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the President of Nigeria. This ruling has shown the level of insensitive and injustice across the nation, and we are compelled to alert the masses and the international community that Nigeria’s Legislature and Judiciary have been hijacked by the Executive, thereby endangering the foundations of democracy and paving the way for dictatorship.

It is with great alarm that we witnessed the court’s decision legitimizing illegality and, in effect, promoting an environment of lawlessness.Supreme Court has rewarded election riggers and INEC for deliberately refusing to upload election results from the polling stations including altering of election result figures.

By endorsing the manipulated electoral process tainted with irregularities and disregarding the rule of law, the Supreme court has watered down her power as Court of last resort . With this obvious electoral injustice as approved by Supreme Court , GGM has no choice than to call for supremacy of the people; the power of the people is greater than those few people in Government.

The People will now ,more radically exercise their rights to scrutinize and assess institutions of Government and those running those institutions.This is ,therefore ,a call for mass action against bribery , corruption, injustice,bad governance, nepotism and all those things that promote backwardness.

The struggle for justice and the preservation of democratic values continues, and we stand with the people in their pursuit of a fair and just society.We must be organized to win this battle against the political buccaneers.

Anaenugwu Ndubuisi


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