Good Governance Ministry, GGM is one of the support groups that ensured victory for Prof Chukwuma Soludo in the last Gubernatorial election in Anambra State . The group working for public interest spent millions of naira to ensure that the best candidate became the Governor of Anambra State.

In a Statement released to the press and signed by Ndubuisi Anaenugwu ,the group pleaded with Mr Governor to review his position on the entire tax administration in Anambra State especially as it concerns the poor. People at lower class in the society are always eager to pay their tax as long as such tax is relatively low. The Statement reads in full ” The people hired Prof Chukwuma Soludo as Chief Servant of the State.GGM supported the Candidacy for the office of the Governor with no monetary consideration but all for overriding public interest. GGM still believes that Mr Governor is the best suited for the job and has not made any mistake in convincing people to vote for him.However , we expect Mr Governor to listen to us as business of Government is a collective responsibility,we are partners in progress. The failure of the Government is our collective failures.The Igbo Nation all over the world have high hopes in Prof Soludo led Government -therefore,we cannot let him failure”

”GGM wants to remind Mr Governor that he won election because of his outstanding performance in public sector and not necessarily because of the support of political elites and former Governor Obiano.

GGM is urging Mr Governor to urgently consider reviewing the tax figures in public domain,at least reduce the amount to N4000 monthly ( Keke) and shuttle – N7000 for easy payment and collection. We do not agree with Mr Governor during the last interactive session that N15,000 monthly for Keke is a fair tax and 50% reduction when compared with what they were paying previously. This assumption is totally wrong and has only shown that Mr Governor is unaware of the suffering and frustrating conditions most people on the street are passing through. What has Government done for people at the lower level of the society to justify such high tax? Elsewhere, Government supports low income earners to encourage productivity. If the purpose of the tax is to discourage Keke, Shuttle,Okada, GGM will suggest that Mr Governor establishes integrated farm settlements across three senatorial zones that can take more than 10,000 youths for massive food production.

It is disturbing that we have several needs ,we have people who are ready to work to earn a living ,but nobody has seen such plan to organize these factors of production. GGM is worried that the high rate of unemployment could further worsen the already agitated environment . GGM therefore calls Mr Governor to show empathy while implementing his policies as the state of the economy is terribly bad” the statement concluded.


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