Good morning all GGM Fans for Peter Obi

This is to notify you that campaign has officially ended.

Over the last few months , we have allowed the public to evaluate our chosen Presidential candidate – Peter Obi of Labour party. We have promoted Peter Obi using our individual resources. Peter Obi is not a Saint but at this period of our history, we need a man of character that has shown competency and capacity to deliver on common public goods . No doubt , Peter Obi has been divinely chosen and what God does not know ,does not exist .

Tomorrow Presidential election is between the people and the political jobbers who have been feeding fat with our common wealth. Tomorrow,the people have a choice to make ! To choose between political slavery and political freedom .

Good Governance Ministry (GGM) will continue to serve public interest and will sustain political education even after this general election. GGM will continue with the message of political freedom via BVI Channel 1 as well as economic liberation through Good Governance Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd .

Finally , when the wicked and selfish political elites fail you , GGM will give you succour .

Let the will of God be done. Amen .

Anaenugwu Ndubuisi,GGM Admin


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