Good Governance Ministry (GGM) ,a political Ministry has proposed for a Sit- at – home to protest against potholes and collapsed roads along federal and state highways .

In a Statement released to the Press by Deputy Leader of the Ministry – Comrade Ndubuisi Anaenugwu, the statement reads : ”Elected public officers like Governors ,Lawmakers etc are using the political naivety and ignorance¬† of the people to perpetuate crime against humanity. Citizens are treated like domestic animals waiting to be slaughtered. It is inhuman to allow potholes in highways or any road . In the last one week,about 30 people have lost their lives in two states Viz Lagos and Enugu due to potholes on the express roads .

Many roads have collapsed within and across the States yet Nigeria has abundant human and material resources to fix the roads in shortest possible time.

In the light of this ,Good Governance Ministry is proposing a 2 -days sit at home as safest means to protest against Government insensitive and irresponsibility. Goingforward,Good Governance Ministry will be using all forms of civil disobedience to ensure that State and Federal Government serve public interest.It should be noted that the present constitution of Nigeria is unsustainable and cannot guarantee a productive environment” the message concluded


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