The Leader, Good Governance Ministry (GGM), the first political ministry in Nigeria , Mr Chinedu Asuzu, has declared that it will no longer be business as usual where few privileged people in government would convert public properties into private usage. Comrade Asuzu stated that those public assets were purchased with tax payers money and should be handled with utmost care .

Asuzu, who made the call during an hour radio phone-in programme aired on Monday being 7th February ,2022 at Odenigbo 99.1 FM Obosi, frowned at the rate public and civil servants in various government offices converts government properties into personal usage.

“It has come to my notice that plans are underway to vandalize and steal public installation as the Obiano Administration winds down . We have observed that daily diesel supply to various Generator Sets across the State has reduced drastically leading to power outage in the street lightening project. We have noted that public money is being pocketed as money has been provided to purchase diesel .The incoming Government of Soludo should take note .

Asuzu said that it is the people that will fix our failed system by protecting the environment as well as ensuring that government properties are protected .Chinedu said that GGM has come to organise the ordinary people to ensure that they take ownership of Government. Many callers acknowledged the efforts of GGM and Chinedu Asuzu and pledged for their unalloyed supports towards ensuring that Good Governance reigns in our land.

Chinedu Asuzu advised all to support the efforts of GGM towards organising the ordinary people to make effective demand from those servants in Government. He encouraged all to be part of the people movement by registering via and

Source : BVI Channel 1 Online



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