Good Governance ministry is pleased to announce its adoption and approval of the proposed additional state in the South East as presently constituted which is currently receiving attention in the upper and lower chambers of the National Assembly.

While we are quite cognizant of the position of 1999 constitution as amended, we consider it as a reasonable phantom and believe the two separate bills as presented by Messrs Ikenga Ugochinyere for proposed Orlu state and Senator Ned Nwoko for proposed Anioma state will be a redux and silver lining in restoration of parity in the distribution of States and resources among the different geopolitical zones.

GGM is well invested in upholding the section 8 of the Constitution and urge the commitment, understanding and dedication of all and sundry in walking through the rigors of carrying out this worthy venture.

Having perused and considered thoroughly the Pros and Cons of having either of the two treasure trove of Igboland as the sixth State, we need to reiterate in strong terms that Orlu is as much needed and important as Anioma state.

However, from both subjective and objective lens, we humbly subscribe to Anioma as the sixth state of Alaigbo after careful examination of the short, medium and long term benefits and prospects that will herald such attainment.

In the light of above, we hereby call upon all stakeholders to immediately initiate engagements and rapport with our kit and kin in Anioma towards achieving the noble cause of Sixth Igbo state of Alaigbo.

The support for sixth State in the South East is in line with GGM call for a new Constitution that will empower the Regions to take control of their God – given natural resources . This present feeding bottle federation has created super rich individuals and impoverish majority of the indigenous people living Nigeria. Therefore, we must continue to mobilize the ordinary people to assume their responsibility of determining how they are governed.



Henry Ebubeogu


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