Leadership is concentrating on providing solutions and in keeping faith with this principle ,GGM advanced her earlier resolve to provide economic solution to her members by hosting officials of ministry of trade and commerce, anambra state Govt in awka.

The Head of the Anambra State Government delegation expressed happiness for being among the people who want to change the society for better. She explained that her office would offer all the necessary assistance to ensure that the business initiative makes a great difference.

Members took time to seek for some clarifications and at the end of the meeting both parties were excited for the outing .However, it should be noted that cooperative society is designed to serve the interest of common man and to liberate him from the oppression of the economically strong people and organisation.GGM will use this business initiative to organise and empower thousands of the ordinary people of common and mutual economic interest. GGM Co-operative Initiative will eradicate capitalist exploitation and one man business mentality .

Finally, we intend to introduce good governance in all our actions,transactions and relationships ,that way ,we will represent the shinning light .

Anthony Uchedike
Publicity Secretary


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