Today 22/02/217.

Everybody must not agree with us. Our message is simple:Follow your ideology and let your work speak for you where ever you found yourself. No country has ever fought for freedom with one voice or one group. It is not right to attack me because I am not following your Leader.

For several years, our people have followed blindly without asking necessary questions. They have followed foolishly. I want to present those questions here:

1. How exactly do you want to separate our people from Nigeria?

2. If we reject Nigeria, why do we still use her naira and Nigeria passport?

3. What is Biafra ideology and how do we think we can make Biafra better than Nigeria?

4. To what extent do we trust the few people leading pro Biafra groups? Are they humble or arrogant? How do they treat the people they are leading?

5.What would Biafra constitution look like? What of the political and economic structures of the proposed nation? What of education and health system?

6.How do we recruit Biafra politicians? What of civil and public servants?

7. What of foreign policy and defence?

Customary Government of IPOB has always been guided by the above questions. Several Biafra institutions have been set up to start responding to the above questions even as we are still in Nigeria. We have since addressed the first question. From the beginning, we announced that we shall restore Biafra without breaking Nigeria laws or wasting innocent blood. Consequently, legal, diplomatic and political processes were adopted. We have just announced the activation of political strategy through the Customary Govt political arm – MOBIN. MOBIN has gone into alliance with UPP, a registered political party in Nigeria.

We have also, notified the public that Biafra stands for equity, fairness and justice. Biafra will be led by humble and visionary Leaders with fear of God. Nigeria has never offered us a level playing ground, hence, the justification to embark on this sacred mission to restore our ancient Nation- Biafra. We are being open and straightforward .We are ready to debate anybody anywhere.

Good morning.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu
Director – Directorate of Information, CG-IPOB


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