In about 24 hours from now, the good people of Anambra State, in the Biafran Region of Nigeria will be going to the polls to elect a Governor that will occupy the state Government House  for the next 4 years that will commence from the 17th of March 2018.

For the past 3 years and 8 months, the incumbent Governor, Chief Willie Obiano has been on seat, having taken over from his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi, who governed the state till March 2014.
The Customary Government of Biafra, being the De facto Government of the people of Biafra indigenous Community wishes the good people of Anambra State a successful election day.
The Customary Government wishes to reaffirm her commitment to the use of political, legal and diplomatic processes to pursue self determination for the Biafran people without breaking any law of any land, including Nigeria.
On that note, we wish to reiterate our conviction on the rule of law and our firm belief that the only route to Biafra that will be at peace with her neighbours is through peaceful political process.
We are quite aware that the people against whom we are contending our freedom are not comfortable with our choice of peaceful restoration of freedom, because it completely disarms them from resorting to reckless killing of our people which they have shown serious penchant for. For this, they have repeatedly tried to torpedo all our approaches to freedom through legal, political and diplomatic route.
We are not deterred.
We are progressing, though slowly, bearing in mind the adage that says, slow and steady wins the race.
We must continue.
My Great Biafran people, let us remember, and always bear in mind that the road to freedom is tedious, rough and sometimes lonely. We must therefore take solace in the fact that on that lonely and precarious road, we are not alone. Our Lord God is firmly behind us. Let us not lose hope, that though the enemy runs around in rampage, our Lord will definitely put him to rest.
Therefore, the Customary Government of Biafra is urging all eligible voters in Anambra state to troop out enmass and vote a candidate of their choice. Let nobody deceive you into believing that there is any gain in boycotting the election. No gain comes to a man that abandoned the village square where dispute affecting him was being discussed. The implication is that whatever decision that is reached, he will accept.
Therefore, the Customary Government is calling on all eligible voters in Anambra state to go to their voting centers and cast their votes.
Our candid advice is that after voting, MAKE SURE YOUR VOTE COUNTS!
What Biafrans need at this time is a suitable political platform from which Biafran freedom fighters will engage their Nigerian counterparts on the political chessboard in order to take over our political environment.
For many years, since the cessation of hostility in 1970, Biafrans had erroneously believed that engaging Nigeria politically by moving on to the centre will make us to be accepted in Nigeria as equal partners and equal shareholders. We have tasted this center-politics since the return of democracy in 1999. We can remember our horrid experience then. We can also remember our experience during the military regime from 1970 till the coming of democracy in 1999.
We can never forget!
It is therefore the view of the Customary Government of Biafra that what the Igbo and all her neighbours making up Biafran region need in order to succeed in championing our course to peaceful freedom is regional cohesion amongst ourselves. That should be our priority! And that regional cohesion must be forged through a regional-based political platform. Biafrans’ love for Nigerian nation building has been misused and maligned enough, however ,we have seen that  being in opposition is better than being used as laborers for baking a cake that is always shared in our exclusion.
Therefore, anybody or any political party that do not give you the feeling of Biafran regional cohesion, please distance yourself from him or that party.
Let us build our home. Let us build ourselves and strengthen our fortresses as we engage our contenders. There is no other peaceful route to Biafra than that.
Thank you and God bless
Engr. Aniebue Anthony,
Customary Government of Biafra.



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