Gov Ugwuanyi Must Learn From Anambra and Go For The Best


Press Statement

The attention of Good Governance Ministry (GGM ) has been drawn to audio message going round the social media credited to Enugu For Good Governance being led by one Paul Okafor. The message is most undemocratic as well as misleading! How can a group that goes with the name ‘ Enugu for good governance ‘ shamelessly gave the Governor absolute authority to decide on who becomes PDP Gubernatorial Candidate? Must we continue to do the wrong thing even in 2022 ?

GGM acknowledges that the State Governor is the Leader of a political party in his State but that does not give him constitutional power to choose who becomes the party flag bearer. A sitting Governor as a Leader of a political party ensures that all the Gubernatorial Aspirants are given a level playing ground and creates an atmosphere for the best candidate to emerge as a party candidate.

The audio message narrowed to Isiuzo as the place that will produce the next PDP Gubernatorial Candidate. GGM has noted a zoning pattern that has been existing in different parts of the country ,though unconstitutional but promotes equity ,fairness and justice . At the State level ,the zoning or power sharing is among three senatorial zones . Mostly ,it is a gentleman agreement and understanding.

Good Governance Ministry(GGM) representing public interest is interested in the best candidate that would represent the aspiration of the masses not few party stakeholders. Like we did in Anambra state where we advised all the political parties to present their best candidates in line with GGM appraising rating viz outstanding leadership qualities both in private and public sectors, ability to inspire the people through public communication, passion to deliver good governance, integrity, courage to execute difficult task etc.

We,therefore wish to distance ourselves from the audio message coming from Enugu For Good Governance as the content did not represent what GGM stands for.

The general public should note that the era of career politicians has ended . The masses have been used like slaves by few political stakeholders who think only for their personal and selfish interest .The political revolution has started in Anambra state and like wildfire ,it will spread . Nothing can stop it ! All the sitting Governors are advised to support Gubernatorial aspirants with excellent track records from public and private services.

GGM will mobilize the ordinary people to reject blood money and vote for credible candidates that will be the servant of the people .

Chukwuemeka Chibuzor


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