We need thinkers in political power ! We need thinkers in Government at all levels . Africa underdevelopment is simply because of lack of political Leadership! A friend of mine that works with international development Bank told me how international funding is being diverted to Ghana and Rwanda . That no serious minded international investor considers Nigeria for investment of any kind. The reason is obvious ! Most of our political office holders are pursuing personal interest. Nigeria Political Leaders are not thinking of building enduring public institutions. That is why we have found it difficult to provide ordinary potable water for the public yet millions are jobless.

A Governor who is thinking how to build a modern city would not have time to engage in frivolities. A Governor who is thinking how to solve macroeconomic problems like unemployment, unequitable distribution of our scarce resources etc will not have time to gossip around !

Many people have opined that Government does not manage business concern . That businesses should be handed over to private interest .I disagree ! Responsible Government must set up a system to protect the interest of the weak in the society . Government must show the way . Government must moderate the market forces to checkmate the exploitative tendencies of capitalist individuals . Government must be involved in the management of public goods such as electricity, water ,transportation ,food production, health care delivery, education ,science and technology etc.

I know that Anambra State Government has quality human resources to manage Anambra Airport newly built by Gov Obiano administration .Government should invest in energy ,in affordable housing and many other areas to improve the quality of lives. Their should be a deliberate action plan to build incentive system in public activities as well as appropriate sanction to system defaulters . Our rich value system must be restored . We have to identify and encourage very few good men and women to move into government to save our children generation.

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu is the Deputy Leader of Good Governance Ministry


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