Those with political power today don’t know what God has done for them especially when such power comes from the people. Political power is to be deployed for the good of the people,to inspire the people into productive society. Good Governance is not about building 5-Star hotel ,it is not about building 20 bridges , it is not about building 1000 kilometers of roads , it is not about extorting tax payers to increase IGR. It is not about random and selective empowerment of youths and vulnerable . It is much more especially when the majority of the masses are suffering !

Good Governance is about paying living wage. It is about recognizing and rewarding good behavior and using the instrument of government to go against fraudulent and dishonest people ( ensuring that law and order is maintained all the time) , it is about caring how people put food on the table ( setting up farm settlements in every senatorial zone) , it is servicing the mental health of the people ( through the Governor words of hope on regular basis) .

Good Governance is about intervening in high cost of housing ( government housing scheme), it is about modernizing our hospitals and schools in practical terms with world class equipment(s) and first class service delivery.

Government creates economic prosperity in every society and in return , people will support their Government in every way possible . When people trust their Government,they can go to any length to protect and defend such Government. Our people don’t even expect too much from their Government.

Those in Government who patronize praise singers are trading in perishable commodities. Where is almighty Rochas Okorocha today? Where is the Powerful Wike with tens of bridges to his credit . The reality is that political power is transient! And those who are building political structures without the people will soon lose such structures immediately they are out of power.

We don’t need all the money we are accumulating! Our children don’t need them . They need little to be happy! Happiness is appreciating what you have and not what you don’t have.

Those who walk the street freely after they have left political power are blessed with peace of mind.

Do everything possible to win the love of the people.

This message is from an Ambassador of Good Governance Ministry (GGM)

Ndubuisi Anaenugwu GGM


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